All wine regions under one roof

Our offer covers the main wine regions from France and Italy going from regional appellation to Grands Crus. Each wine is selected carefully by our team of experts who travel around the vineyards all year in search for new talents and exceptional bottles at reasonable prices. This is an opportunity to import a wide range for of European best wines from one place, which  can represent important savings even compared to buying directly from the vineyards as the road transport is a significant lump in the import costs.


Discover also our private cuvées elaborated in collaboration with partner chateaux and domains. These wines can be proposed in exclusivity with a constant high quality and an excellent value. We also present these wines regularly to major wine Concours in order to make them known to the larger public.


Our Cellar

All wines come directly from the vineyards and are left untouched until delivery. They are stored in our cellar in the Médoc region on the edge of Bordeaux, where they can age in optimum conditions sheltered from the temperature differences.

We propose also various services: order consolidation, labelling, special packaging (wooden or gift cases). Do not hesitate to send us your particular requests. 

Marketing & Merchandising

Resulting from exceptional terroirs and vintners with personality, each of our wine tells a strong story.  We put a particular care in communicating this "magic"  to customers who can be confused by the abundant choice of wines.  All our wines are very well documented and most have obtained high scores from the Press or Medals from major wine Concours.

We also assist our customers in their preparation of the marketing materials and in their promotional and merchandising activities. It is always a great joy to organize events with producers, tastings.